Nutkhut and Cirque Bijou present a new outdoor show combining circus, dance and music. Drawing on the past and looking to the future, Khoj takes its inspiration from two iconic lms - Mela (1948) a classic of Indian cinema and Logans Run (1976), set in the year 2274, which depicts a dystopian future society.

Set in the midst of a Mela, two friends get lost in the midst of the chaos, running to nd each other, they loose sense of time and each other.


The Dance We Made

The TDWM Team have just 2 hours to create a brand new dance, and they need your help! Help the dancers create some new moves and watch the performance come together before your very eyes. Each newly created dance will then be performed by the TDWM Team on location, lmed and uploaded to YouTube. It’s the show where everyone is a choreographer, so grab one of the team and “Let’s Make a Dance!” - no experience required!


Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine! The Laughter yoga session will demonstrate the basic techniques of Laughter Yoga involving clapping, deep breathing, meditation and relaxation, providing a fun way to practise laughter exercises in a group. 

  1. Come and nd the Magic Mela Family Arts Zone at the ZEE London Mela, inside the Drum at Wembley Library, Emergency Exit Arts will be giving you the chance to explore a whole world of wonders in arts and crafts


  3. From the National Wildlife Parks of Gujarat in the west of India to the Sundarbans of Bengal in the east, you will nd some of the world’s most rare and endangered of creatures. Come to the London Mela Family Zone and discover Asiatic lions and Bengal tigers, birds and butter ies at our free, drop-in family arts and crafts activities. Professional artists will help you to create beautiful and exotic head dresses and lotus medallions in a celebration of India’s natural world. Activities are suitable for all ages. Younger children under 6 will need the assistance of parents.

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